Vekon Takes Place in Construction Fair 2017
Vekon attracts notice by customer-focused solutions in the sector. Vekon, which participates in 40th Construction Fair arranged in TUYAP Istanbul Fair and Congress Center, shares the innovations with sector professionals. Vekon, which attracts attention in the sector by customer-based solutions, exports to more than 90 countries.
vekon takes place construction fair

Vekon, which is the brand of Vefa providing prefabricated construction solutions, takes place in Istanbul Construction Fair, which is opened to visit on May 23rd in this year just like each year. The stand of Vekon remaining in open space and created as a container has attracted considerable attention by the visitors. 


Vekon, which undertakes on its own the creation, production and implementation processes of prefabricated constructions, life containers, light steel constructions and structural steel buildings by turnkey service model, explains the innovations to the professional of the sector in the fair. Vefa Holding Chief Executive Officer Turan Kocyigit states that they bring prefabricated construction sector in a worldwide level. Kocyigit, who states that they reach a position exporting know how as Vefa, says that they provide innovative products to their potential customers in global markets and different cultures by sustainable work models. It provides solutions appropriate for different climate and land types Turan Kocyigit, who emphasizes that they deliver the projects undertaken in record periods with integrated production understanding, put emphasis on the fact that integrated production process eases the business of their customers in every place of the world with different climate and land type appropriate work and life areas. 

Kocyigit, who mentions that one of the most important factors separating Vekon from the competitors is that it provides customer basis solutions, emphasize that they primarily listens to the needs of the customers and develop solutions appropriate for the demands. Kocyigit, who expresses that they undertake creation, production, installation and logistics of the projects on their own and they provide that the each stage of the process progresses in an integrated way to one another, says that integrated production understanding gets ahead of the unconformities to be experienced in the construction site. 


It rapidly expands export markets 


Turan Kocyigit, who states that they send products and services to more than 90 countries, indicates that they export to 35 different countries only in 2016. Kocyigit, who lists the countries that they send products for the first time in 2016 as Malta, Slovakia, Bahrain, The Democratic Republic of The Congo, India, Colombia, Kuwait, Morocco, reminds that they make a good enter with the projects they have achieved in Western Africa, Ivory, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal in 2017. Kocyigit, who states that they provide innovative, varying products to the potential customers in global markets and different cultures with sustainable work models, mentions that they continue constructing work camps in different countries of the world with Turkish and foreign contractors within ENR 250 companies.