Vefa set down its 2020 target
Vefa Holding, continuing to give distributorships and dealerships to countries it has determined and enter into partnerships with local companies in some countries in order to increase its strength in foreign markets, is aiming to export to more than 100 countries this year. Vefa, exporting also know-how in addition to its product exports, is planning to become the most preferred the leading player in the fields it operates in 2020.

Vefa Holding, operating in the field of pre-fabricated buildings, construction materials, energy and real estate, is in an exportation push with its companies. Vefa, which last year exported 70 percent of the products it produces and the solutions it offers, is targeting to increase that figure to 75 percent in 2016. Expanding also its portfolio of exports with each passing day and having exported to 81 countries until today, Vefa is planning to increase the number of countries it exports to to more than 100 as of this year.

Turan Koçyiğit, Chairman of Vefa Holding Executive Board, stated that they are aiming to become the most preferred, biggest and leader player of the sector in 2020 by offering innovative and differentiated products to its customers in global markets and different cultures through sustainable business models. Turan Koçyiğit, who said that they are also rebuilding their organizational structure as of this year, said: “We will try to complete or new organization in all our companies within 2016. We are revising our yearly and five-year strategic plans. Our goal is to realize by the entered of the year the 30 percent increase in turnover we determined as part of our planning”.

Noting that they made a fast entry into 2016, Koçyiğit said that their priority target this year is to continue growing in foreign markets. Koçyiğit, saying “we will try to achieve that growth by giving out dealerships in countries we target and through establishing partnerships with local companies in some countries”, noted that they will particularly focus on Malaysia, Indonesia and India in Asia-Pacific and to the American continent and Gulf countries. Koçyiğit who listed the countries with which they did business for the first time in the previous year as the Maldives, Ruanda, Malaysia, Egypt, Saint Kitts and Saint Martin, reminded that in only 2015 they sent out products to 34 different countries and realized projects.

Also exporting know-how Turan Koçyiğit, who informed that they have made partnerships with big local companies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia expressed that they gave out dealerships and opened a showroom in Georgia. Koçyiğit spoke: “We can export and compete in the market. However, in order to take that further, and arrive at a position to carry out production in at least 10 countries simultaneously, we are targeting to export know-how. Our primary markets in this area are Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and India”.