Vefa Establishes A Factory In Afghanistan
Vefa, which brings prefabricated constructions sector in a global level and reaches the position of exporting know how, signed a contract with Afghanistan to establish a factory equipped with cutting edge technology to construct prefabricated buildings across the country. The factory construction to be made with 11 million dollars budget shall be financed by Afghanistan government.

Vefa, which targets to be the most preferred leader player of the sector in 2023 by providing innovative products by sustainable work models to its potential customers in global markets and different cultures, rapidly continues its investments in this scope. Vefa, which provides products and services to nearly 100 countries in prefabricated construction field, establishes a factory in Afghanistan now by exporting know how. 

Vefa signed a contract with Afghanistan in this scope to establish a factory to construct prefabricated buildings across the country. The contract was signed between Afghanistan City Planning Minister Sayed Sadat Naderi and Vefa Holding chairman Orhan Güner before President Eşref Gani Ahmetzai in Afghanistan palace of presidency. It is predicted that the factory construction shall be 11 million dollars and this amount shall be financed by Afghanistan government. 


Afghanistan City Planning Minister Sayed Sadat Naderi said in the speech he had made after the signing ceremony that they made necessary efforts to provide sufficient facilities for construction sector based on the needs of the country. Minister Nedari said, "We will be able to construct schools, hospitals, universities, economic houses and leisure center buildings to contribute the construction quality, cost and duration by constructing this factory and manufacturing prefabrication materials". 

The factory is planned to be completed in 12 months. 


Vefa Holding Chairman of the Executive Board Orhan Guner said, "We enter into a process that we will make intense efforts to provide coordination and cooperation before making the factory ready for production. We will train Afghan engineers and technical teams in Vefa Factories in Turkey." Güner, who said that Vefa Holding would be in cooperation with City Planning Ministry about capacity building and providing equipment, stated that the factory would enter into service in short period of time such as a year with 37 machines. 


Employment opportunity to 500 people 


Orhan Güner emphasizing that employment would be provided to 500 people for production and mounting by means of the factory to be established said that prefabricated buildings would be produced in 300 thousand square meters in a year. 

Güner added that the buildings produced would be used as schools, health centers and similar public buildings.