The number of countries Vefa is exporting to has become 70
Operating in the prefabricated and steel construction sector since 1990 and sustaining its steady growth with every year, Vefa is also assertive about 2014. Vefa ran many different projects in 60 provinces of Turkey in the course of 2013, while adding some new ones to the countries it does business with abroad, and thus increasing the number of such countries to 70 by now. However, Vefa aims at increasing its turnover by 50 percent this year.

Having left behind 2013 successfully, Vefa, as one of the pioneering brands of the prefabricated and steel construction sector, started also 2014 assertively. Vefa that put its mark on many projects at home and abroad together with the companies and brands included in its corporate structure contributed to many different projects in 60 provinces in Turkey only in the course of the last year, while increasing the number of countries it does business with to 70.

Calling to mind that they are carrying on business in Turkey since 1990, Vefa Chief Executive Officer Turan Koçyiğit stated that they have grown steadily every year and have realized substantial investments in the meantime. Reminding of the fact that the export share in the overall turnover was 62 percent last year, Turan Koçyiğit said: “The number of countries we reached by the beginning of 2013 throughout the world was 61; however, we increased this number to 70 by reaching nine further countries in the course of that year. The countries we exported to for the first time in 2013 were: Senegal, USA, Kenya, Mexico, Costa Rika, Uganda, South Sudan and Panama. We ran projects in 30 different countries during 2013. However, the number of provinces of Turkey, where we operated all the year, was 60.”

Mentioning that the turnover of 2013 increased by 35 percent in comparison to the previous year and that they realized half of this turnover by virtue of the customers they had attained in recent time, Koçyiğit stated that they are planning to increase the total turnover for 2014 by 50 percent in conjunction with new companies and investments in comparison to that of the previous year. Turan Koçyiğit indicated that they are focusing more on foreign markets in 2014 and he emphasized that they aim at uprising the export share in the total turnover even more.