Paint plant investment by Vefa
Being one of most prominent brands in the world, Vefa has added a powder paint plant with the worth of 3 million TL to its investments achieved so far by its capital stock. This first and only plant of the sector, which was established in the production base of Vefa located in Dilovasi, peaks paint quality for containers thanks to its robot system using the latest technology.

Vefa has renewed its powder paint plant with an investment of 3 million TL by using the latest technology. Vefa's new paint plant launched in production center in Dilovası bears the characteristic of being the first and only plant of prefabricated construction sector which employs the highest capacity and the latest technology. President of Vefa, Orhan Güner indicated that they keep up their new plant and technology investments without a break, and stated that they have increased their production capacity with a new powder paint plant being the first in the sector. Indicating that new plant's production capacity is 3,150 containers per month, Mr. Güner underlined that they achieved a paint quality over sector averages thanks to current investment. Mr. Güner announced that they aim at increasing their market share in the world including European and American markets thanks to more strong and long lasting living container they produce.


Occupational safety at the highest level

Emphasizing that the new plant is completely designed as environment friendly and it is 250 meters long, President of Vefa, Mr. Güner stated that container parts are undergone 5 different baths with a view of preparation for painting. Güner stated, "At the plant, containers are painted in high quality thanks to 6-axis robots by means of fully automatically transferring of container parts as single pieces up to 16 meters length. Thanks to the robot painting process, painting process that normally contains risks for workers' health is taking place completely free from manpower. Therefore, we have achieved the highest level of care for workers’ health and occupational safety".