International partner for Vekon
Vekon, which is prefabricated buildings brand transmitting its solutions to 75 counties until today, established a common company with QBC in Qatar. Thus, Vekon aims to become a strong brand in Qatar and close markets.

Vekon, which gradually increases strength abroad, established a common company with Qatar Building Company (QBC) that is included within first 10 companies of construction sector in the country.


Local power and contracting infrastructure of QBC were integrated with partnership contract that was signed, and technology and infrastructure power of the established company and Vekon. Vekon revealed its product, technology, information, ability and management and QBC revealed its reputation, financial power, customer portfolio, current projects and local dynamisms and they decided to share a common management and ability sharing.


Özgül Yücel, the General Manager of Vekon that is solution partner of large construction companies, stated that he aims to become a strong brand in Qatar and close markets with turn-key camp and living spaces provided by Vekon Qatar W.L.L. that was established in Qatar and Vekon by emphasizing that Qatar is an important place among foreign markets. Yücel also stated that “In Qatar, infrastructure and superstructure constructions accelerated due to World Cup of 2022. Infrastructure works such as subway and highway were started. It is expected that 1,5 million new labor force needing accommodation comes to country in the forthcoming years with starting of new superstructure projects such as stadium and hotel. Thus, Qatar is included among our most important market targets.”


Yücel indicating that they aims to include in strategic and big projects as local actors by expanding their networks in the region also stated that “Thus, we are achieving our targets on a country basis in Gulf region in parallel with our strategic plans for 2015”.