Glorious Celebration from Vefa Holding for twenty-fifth year
Vefa Holding celebrated their 25th year with a glorious night. Vefa Holding Board Chairman Orhan Güner said that we want to be the most preferred, the biggest and the leading players in the areas they operate in 2020

Vefa Holding celebrated 25th year with a majestic gala night attended by about 400 guests. Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isık, National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz and Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim as well as Deputy of Tokat Zeyid Aslan, Mayor of Kilis Lawyer Hasan Kara, Mayor of AAybastı Izzet Gundogar, Medipol University Board of Trustees Chairman Doc. Fahrettin Koca, Gebze Technical University Rector Doc. Haluk Gorgun, Foreign Economic Relations Board Chairman Ömer Cihad Vardan, TUBITAK MAM President Assoc. Dr. Bahadir Tunaboylu, MMG President Murat Özdemir, Head of Structural Steel Association TUCSA Yener Gures and Albyarak's CEO Doc. Ömer Bolat and so on politics, business and bureaucracy world's prominent names joined this night. A plaque was presented to commemorate its 25th anniversary to the ministers giving a speech at night.

We produce new values to enrich the life 

In his speech on the night, Vefa Holding Board Chairman Orhan Güner said we are happy and enthusiasm about 25th anniversary celebration of their company which was founded in 1990. Guner stating they have taken the road in order "to produce new values that will enrich the life" 25 years ago, we carried out many firsts, added major enhancements to our industry and our country. We added building materials, energy, technology and real estate fields next to our most powerful pre-production structures. Now we continue to aspire to be the best with our field of activity.

We became school of the sector 

Guner underliing they brought the pre-production structure sector to a worldwide point, and noted the following; '' We became schools in our industry, and provided training and we trained architects, engineers, technical staff. We prepared the books with the technical details related to our own field. The products developed by us were the subject of master's and doctoral theses.

We always targets to produce the appropriate structures for human nature from the simplest disaster shelter to the most comfortable permanent sturctures. As of today, we have already produced materials and structures that we have successfully tested. in all kinds of weather conditions on every continent in the world, Guner added to his words that they want to be the most preferred, the biggest and the leading players in the areas they operate in 2020.

Vefa Holding Executive Board Chairman Turan Koçyiğit said that they are among Turkey's top 100 fastest growing company with sustainable growth. Koçyiğit stating the number of countries they export increased to 81, '' said that we realized projects in that country by sending our products to 34 different countries only in the last year''.